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olimpic k 600

olimpic k 600

High performance and rich equipment, the new olimpic k 600 offers exclusive solutions such as the 2 motors round group (scm patent) and the possibility to machine edges in rolls and strips with a speed up to 16 m/min with thickness up to 8 mm.


“Round 2M”: incomparable productivity and quality with 2 motors technology. The features of the Round 2M group (Scm patent) allow for the double function of both the simultaneous trimming and rounding operations. The two joint operations, in a single group, require less space, and give a reduction in time for edge banding of panels.

"RT-E" panel edge trimming group: a perfect joint line of the edge. An optimum panel edge trimming group before the edge gluing, thanks to the use of the front copying devices (optional feature), that allow a constant removal over the entire panel length, maintaining the same work piece geometry.

"VC/6" glue pot: only a few seconds to change the type of glue. The use of different types of glue is made easy by the convenient “Fastlock” locking system that with a few operations allows the substitution of the glue pot without the necessity of further adjustments.

Technical data

olimpic   k 600
Edge thickness mm 0,4 - 3 (8 opt.)
Panel thickness mm 8 - 60
Feed speed m/min 11 - 16
Compressed air bar 6



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