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Pratix Z1

Pratix Z1

Cnc working centre designed "for all woodworking workshops" with limited available space.
The very best multipurpose machine available due to the possibility to size nested panels and bore router already sized panels.


"Bumpers" and "PRO-SPACE" protections: the perfect combination of safety and productivity. This safety system is the only one that can fully exploit the potential of machining centres. The "pro-space" protections greatly reduce the machine overall dimensions and also allow free access to the rear of the machine.

Multifunction aluminium table and "T" shaped grooves: "top-of-the-range" for those who consider flexibility as a way of life.

Cantilever structure: unique and easy-to-use. The only structure that allows the loading of components along the "y" axis far larger than the working capacity of the machine.

Technical data

pratix   z1
Working area X-Y-Z axes mm 3110x1280x180
Panel clearance Y mm 1550
Max. workpiece length (alternated work process) mm 1390
Vectorial speed X-Y axes m/min 35
Tool changer max. places 14
Max electrospindle motor power kW 9,5
Boring head max.   12 vert. - 6 horiz. - blade X




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