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SI 400 Nova

SI 400 Nova

si 400 nova (programmed version)

si 400 nova (manual version)

Programmed or manual circular saws with 400 mm blade.
Guaranteed quality at your finger tips.


Smooth operation motion guaranteed overtime by the system of sliding bearings running on hardened steel guides using an exclusive method of mechanical fixing.

Torsional rigidity and total absence of vibration through the closed loop structure of the saw unit which ensures perfect alignment of the blades.

"Ready": the practical advantage for automatic control of the main positions. Programming of the work simple and effective with the electronic control (programmed version).

Manual movements: always user friendly and precise. Every minimum handwheel movement corresponds to a precise blade adjustment (manual version).

Technical data

nova   si 400
Machine type   manual or programmed
Squaring capacity mm 3200x3200
Main blade diameter mm 400
90°/45° cutting height mm 140/97
Main blade motor power Hz 50 kW (HP) 7 (9,5)
Scoring blade motor power Hz 50 kW (HP) 0,9 (1,2)



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