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TF 130 Class

TF 130 Class

tf 130 class (electric version)

tf 130 class (manual version)

tf 130 class (version with front carriage)

The best solution for every application.
Essential and professional the manual version.
Technological devices in the electronic version that guarantee reduced machine set up times, greater safety and ease-of-use.


Set up precision and reliability. The operator easily adjusts all movements due to a hand wheel with mechanical decimal readouts located on the front of the machine.

"FAST" sectional worktable: the best support for the workpiece. Provides support for the work piece being machined also close to the tool, allowing the adjustment with mounted tools.

Spindle moulder fence with mechanical programming: maximum set-up speed and ease-of-use. No more test runs due to digital readouts that ensure accuracy to a tenth of a millimetre in positioning the two worktables.

Technical data

class   tf 130
Machine version   electric or manual
Worktable dimension mm 1200x730
Spindle height Ø 30-35 (Ø 40 -50) mm 140 (180)
Spindle base projection from table mm 52 (30 versione PS)
Max. tool diameter retractable under work table (with “Fast” sectional table) mm 320 x 85 (300x85)



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