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TF 5 L'invincibile

TF 5 L'invincibile

The exclusive choice for your success.
Buying a "L’invincibile" machine means you get a customised solution because it is the result of years of experience, technical research, Italian creativity.


"FAST" sectional worktable: the best support for the workpiece. Provides support for the work piece being machined also close to the tool, allowing the adjustment with mounted tools.

"FLEX" fence: immediately in the correct position. A single simple movement to retract and re-position in an instant and accurately position the fence on the worktable with such precision that no other control is necessary (Scm patent).

"Easy": the operating advantage for easy assistance. Integrated and fast control of all dedicated functions. These features translate into immediate improvements in productivity and guarantees the capability of the full potential of the machine.

Technical data

L'invincibile   tf 5
Machine version   electronic
Worktable dimensions mm 1200x730
Spindle base projection from table mm 52
Max. tool diameter retractable under work table (with "Fast" sectional table) mm (300x85)



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